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"We sat down and spoke to each student one-on-one and discussed the situation and what their intentions were," said Chad Kemerly, principal of the small Madison County, Ind., school. "They said they were trying to support the Southern heritage of the flag and not people’s opinion of what the flag may stand for. "We talked about the Southern heritage, and that for many people, that flag stands for racism. We emphasized they need to know what the message (is) they’re sending."  เสื้อ คู่ แนว ๆ ราคา ส่ง The students were permitted to wear the clothes all day, Kemerly said. No altercations or incidents resulted, he said, although "people were upset." More: Post-Charlottesville, Confederate monuments begin to fall across the U.S. The high school has 450 students, eight of whom are African American, Kemerly said. The next day, the students returned to school decked out in the same clothes, and this time "it caused a disruption," Kemerly said. "We weren't able to carry on some classes as usual. There were discussions in the hallways taking place that shouldn't have been taking place." “The substantial disruption caused us to prohibit that symbol.” Chad Kemerly, principal of Lapel High School The altercations were verbal, he said. "There was nothing physical." None of the students were disciplined, however.  Wearing the Confederate flag became a violation of the school dress code as of Friday.

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Ind. High School Bans Confederate Flag Clothing

Ind. High School Bans Confederate Flag Clothing If students at Lapel High School in Lapel, Ind., ever wanted to rock their bedazzled Confederate flag clothing, they’re now out of luck. The school district has banned the racist symbol from clothing after several arguments between students over the last couple of weeks. “The banning of this symbol isn’t because of the symbol; it’s because of the disruption in school. It could be any symbol or any action for that matter, if it’s something that’s prohibiting the education environment, interfering with the sanctity of the learning environment, we have to do something,” said Lapel High School Principal Chad Kemerly. Confederate-flag-loving students flew their racist freak flags at school last week, and that’s when the melee erupted. Of course, there are students who think the flag is a proud part of history and shouldn’t be banned, but they understood the disruption it caused. “I think it’s kind of gotten out of hand the way it’s at now. I wish it would’ve never gotten to that and I’m sorry people took it as racism,” said junior Jaden Vanalstyne. The Confederate clothing ban has been put into effect indefinitely.

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