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The company, with $36 million in 2014 sales, had taken off in the $2.5 billion dormant dried-meat snack category with newfangled flavors กระเป๋า ราคา ส่ง ถูก ๆ such as cabernet-rosemary and chardonnay-thyme. The reinvigorated jerky made it into Whole Foods, 7-Eleven, Safeway, Target and Kroger markets, as well as into Four Seasons mini-bars and Virgin America planes. After the sale, Sebastiani launched Sonoma Brands, a venture-capital company aimed at specialty foods. Now hes back in the saddle with investments and new companies he launched in the past year. A triathlete กระเป๋าสตางค์หนังแท้ and ski racer, Sebastiani is recovering from a skiing injury that required knee surgery. I was skiing down a beautiful, fresh, heavily moguled mountain about a month ago up in Tahoe, enjoying every part of this glorious winter, he said in a Feb. 28 interview with North Bay Business Journal. I put my pole down expecting some resistance. I got no resistance, lost my balance at about 20 miles an hour.

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